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Review: Leaving Normal by Stef Ann Holm

Shake it up a little!

At long last Natalie Goodwin’s life is running just the way she wants it. Her new florist shop is all set for a grand opening, and her daughter is enjoying her first semester in college. The house is clean, the bills are paid and cooking dinner every night is now an option. Natalie admits she’s just a teeny bit lonely, but recent dating experiences have left her convinced that Mr. Right does not live in Boise, Idaho.

But life has a big surprise for Natalie and he lives right across the street! Never in her wildest dreams did she think she could fall for a man nine years her junior, but then she has never met a man like firefighter Tony Cruz. He turns her well-ordered life upside down, and pretty soon things go from simmering to scalding. Just when the sparks begin to turn into a three-alarm blaze Natalie is caught unawares again — Tony wants her and a child of his own.

A baby? At forty-three? Natalie is definitely all shook up.

My rating:
Source: Personal Library
Genre: Contemporary Women
My thoughts:
Ah Tony, how i love thee!

While Natalie was not a bad heroine, it was Tony who made this book perfect for me. I was a little taken at back when i started reading the story and we find out Tony is married with a child. I took it in strides though trying to figure out where the author was going with this, and am glad i did. We begin to learn the reasons why he’s married and how much he loves his step daughter. I was moved by how hard he was trying in his relationship, how dedicated he was to stay true to the person he married and how he didn’t care one little bit that the child was not his by blood. It was a bit heartbreaking to see him struggle through the separation. I liked how he understood that his pain came more from the loss of a family and his step daughter than his wife. He was not blinded and he made no excuses for his own mistakes in the relationship. *sigh* The man is just totally fantastic with his drool worthy body, unconceited attitude, friendliness and bravery. His romanticism and attentiveness was like a cherry on top, i swear he made me want to go to every fire station to see if i could find me one just like him. :laughs:

Ah yes, the heroine was also a great person. Though i thought it was quite ridiculous that she didn’t just grab Tony with both hands from the very beginning. I understood that due to her past relationship experiences; and the age gap it was hard for her to adjust and just let go. I was glad she finally saw the light towards the end. That epilogue was truly sigh worthy, it had me smiling like a loon.
I’m not sure about the author’s earlier works but so far the books i’ve read i have not been disappointed. I will be buying her next book for sure!