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The Korean version of Pussycat Dolls?

After School PosterRecently i stumbled upon a music video by the group After School. At first i thought it would be another Kpop group like Wonder Girls or SNSD and thankfully that was not the case. Which for me was a breath of fresh air. After listening and watching females groups who are barely in high school and am sure geared towards teenagers, i really wanted to see some young women groups that geared more towards a more mature age range. 

While Wonder Girls and SNSD promote a more “cutsey” image and catchy songs. After School portrays a “sexy” image with both their attire and music. This is precisely the reason why this group is getting really bad comments, not just in Asia but here in the US by Kpop fans. While people have been used to groups dressing sexy while dancing, they seem to want artists to use cute songs and show themselves as wholesome girls. Now i have no problem with that because lets face it, some of these girls are really young and may really be wholesome. The problem is trying to put ALL girl groups into that category. Why if the girls are older and there are enough “cutsey” groups out there can’t this group be more brazen?

If you have seen videos and heard the music by the Pussycat Dolls then imagine changing the lyrics and the girls into Korean. I don’t think that makes them sluts, so why are people calling them that? It’s not like we have not seen other artists do the same and there is no such controversy. In my opinion to call them sluts is to call a WHOLE other group from not just Asia but all over the world sluts and that just isn’t right. Lets face it sexy sells and unless i missed the memo even teenagers think about boys and sex. Otherwise other female Kpop groups wouldn’t be dressing sexy or what i like to call “playing dress-up”.

Now i really like the Pussycat Dolls so of course this group immediatly caught me. Not to mention that am really very picky about what Pop music i listen to. First the lyrics have to be more than just chorus lines, there is nothing i dislike more than when lines repeat themselves in every two sentences. Of course i like catchy, particularly in the summer, but am a woman so can appreciate this group better i guess.

Here is the video of their CD Debut: