Getting organized

It has been a while since i made any posts here. Although i do have a few posts done as drafts that i plan to publish soon, after i take a second look and edit.

This year has been quite busy with a new move from work and home, so it has taken me a bit long to get organize online. Been spending a lot more time reading and socializing over at Goodreads. Which brings me to this post. I will be posting some of my old and new reviews here soon. I have been reading waaay too many series, so my reviews will be for series as a whole instead of individual books.


2 responses to “Getting organized

  1. Delicious Dee

    And I thought I had a long gap between updates on my blog…hehe! I’m going to try to catch up this weekend hopefully

  2. naughtytidbits

    *ROFL* You have no idea. I have like 10 posts that i started, but life has not allowed me to edit them to post.

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