Yes am finally getting around to working on this blog….hehe.
You will notice am quite a complex person and i hope no one gets offended by my opinions but since is MY blog, i will be quite blunt. Since am fluent in a few languages and i have watched way too much television and such that i can get by without a problem here are my obsessions…..

Anime: has to be Japanese, although a few minor exceptions. I personally hate any dub work because in my opinion you do not grasp the full meaning. I tend to watch anime based on my mood at that moment which means the genre is quite important.
Although am a GIRL/WOMAN i do love to watch Yaoi. For those who do not know Yaoi means boys love or as i like to call it, good looking boys with hot boys. Now just to make you even more confused i also love to watch Yuri. Nope, am not a lesbian but boy do i enjoy it…hehe.
Dramas/Movies: Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, some Chinese, some American, Spanish soaps of course and a few Italians.
Music: Pop, as long as the songs have some meanings and not just 1 hit wonder. Rock, depending on the mood can go from classic to hard rock. R&B and Reggaetton, just because.
Mangas: Rarely buy it so for me to look for it and read it online has to be desperate mode and really good, but mostly Yaoi.

In case you are wondering why am explaining this….
I will give you my review on all of the things i have watched because i feel is just fair for those like me who wanted to know before hand but never did until it was too late or i wanted to slap my face because i waited, that was unless i found the reviews and was full of spoilers.


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